5 signs that it’s time to seek help from a professional ?>

5 signs that it’s time to seek help from a professional

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Have you found yourself wondering if it’s time to seek professional help for yourself or a loved one?  Here are 5 things to look out for to help you decide if it’s time to find a therapist.

1: Your daily functioning has been impacted

Are you having a hard time concentrating at school or at work, and your performance is suffering?  Sometimes we are just having an off day, but if this is happening more frequent than usual and you are noticing that your performance in school, at work or around the home is suffering this is probably a good time for you to reach out.

2: You have lost interest in what used to be your favorite things:

Have your found yourself unmotivated and uninterested engaging in your favorite hobbies?  If this is happening more frequently this is a good indicator to seek professional help.

3: Sadness, irritability, or you just don’t feel quite like yourself:

Have you found yourself feeling uncomfortable emotionally?  Life can take turns in unexpected ways leaving one feeling disoriented.  An unexpected change good or bad can be disruptive leading us to feel unlike our usual selves and can make an impact negatively.  If you have found yourself feeling angrier, more tearful or more anxious than usual – it may be time to seek help from a professional.

4: Using drugs or alcohol to feel better:

Have you been drinking more frequently, or using drugs to help cope with hard times?  Sounds like this is a good time to reach out for help and learn ways of coping that won’t be harmful to yourself or others around you.

5: You have concerned friends and family members:

Sometimes our closest friends and family members can tell if something is off.  If you have had a friend or family member approach you, or pull you aside to ask you how you are and let you know that they are concerned about you.  This is another clear sign that it’s time to get help.

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